Tips to help you stay On Track over the festive season

Tips to help you stay On Track over the festive season

So it’s that time of the year again, Christmas, where food and drink is all too accessible. Not to worry we have a few tips to keep you on the straight and narrow over the festive season.

First of all KEEP A FOOD DIARY, this is one of the best ways to record your daily intakes and then after a few days/week you can see where you have gone wrong or see what  has worked for you. Keeping a food diary also makes you more conscious of your food intake, as it is much harder  to write down 10 Cadburys roses than it is to write down that you had an apple and an orange.

Especially this time of year we often think we are hungry when we are not (mostly due to watching Christmas television with a box of sweets beside us!!). Although we don’t want to be snaking on junk food all of the time it is important to eat ‘little and often’. Just make sure that when you are snaking you keep it healthy.

Skipping meals during the day is the main cause of hunger, eat smaller meals more often, so for example if you generally eat three meals, use the same amount of food and turn this into six meals.

Keep any goodies hidden away so that every time you open the fridge or the press you are not tempted. Keep goodies for when visitors call and treat yourself with something small, use these times for your rewards.

Make sure to drink PLENTY OF WATER, it helps to flush out the systems, especially the kidneys and bladder, of any waste products and toxins. Water is very important at this time of year as you can get very dehydrated from central heating, coffee and alcohol. Thirst is also confused with hunger so being dehydrated may cause you to binge more, try to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Get off the couch and EXERCISE, try and do some light exercise after meals, even a 15minute walk will help you burn calories while having fun.

It is also helpful to downsize your plates, looking at a big plate of food tricks the mind into thinking that it must get through all this food, having a smaller plate will help to solve this, if you are still hungry afterwards you can always go for seconds!!

Remember to chew your food, this will help you to enjoy all the flavours, take a break, put the knife and fork down, enjoy your meal, having a break will help you to realise when you are full, we often ‘Scoff’ down dinner and don’t realise we are full until we need to be rolled away from the table!!

Listen to your body, if you feel full stop, eating the right amount of food will satisfy hunger, give you energy. Eating too much food will put you in a ‘Food Coma’ !!

We all know its not easy to watch what you eat at this time of year, but hopefully these few tips will help you, we hope you have a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a HEALTHY NEW YEAR.

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