Swimming Pool

Killeline Leisure Centre has a beautiful 18 metre deck level swimming pool. Two lanes are provided for swimming lengths, and the rest is left open for recreational enjoyment, whether it’s a lazy swim or a splash around with the kids. Swimming is a fantastic activity, which is not only one of the best forms of exercise, but also a lot of fun too! Swimming works the whole body, improving cardiovascular systems, strengthening muscles, endurance and flexibility, all at the same time. Killeline’s swimming pool was built as a low risk pool with steps that walk into the water, making it accessible for anyone, especially those using the pool for rehabilitation. The pool is 29.5 degrees, the warmer water increases the metabolic rate, heart rate, and circulation. In the water there is no stress on the bones or the joints, making swimming a great rehabilitation activity as well as excellent for those who suffer from conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis etc.

Swimming Lessons: no one is too old or too young to learn how to swim. With this in mind Killeline Leisure Centre has a wide variety of lessons to suit all ages and abilities. There are swimming lessons for all age groups, from mini swimmers to beginners right up to advanced, and private one-to-one-lessons. Swimming lessons are open to both members and non-members, and of course for your enjoyment there are both Nordic style sauna and Steam Bath available on deck.

[Killeline Swim Teacher] was a really nice friend and fantastic teacher to our little 4 year old boy.  Having initially taken him to group lessons during which he would not get into the pool, I booked him in for private one to one lessons with [Killeline Swim Teacher].  [Killeline Swim Teacher] went into the pool with him and was just so nice to him – he was mad about her from day one.

He looked forward to each lesson and loved telling everyone about his new teacher.  He clung on to both her hands for dear life on day one and by day five he was quite confident to go up and down the pool with just his arm bands on.  I couldn’t praise [Killeline Swim Teacher] highly enough – our little boy progressed so much with her teaching.  She is a brilliant teacher and formed a great relationship with our little boy.

In June my daughter told me she wanted to learn to swim. The only problem was that she had a fear of putting her head in water. I decided we would have a go at it and booked her private lessons, she didn’t want to do group lessons. On the first few lessons her instructor tried to encourage her to put her head in the water. She was able to swim a bit forward with the Waddle (as she called it) but as for putting her head down was a slow progress. After her first round of five lessons, there was an improvement, she could actually put her head in the water, only for a few seconds, but that was a great achievement. She was able to go on her back and float.

On her second round of lessons, you could see an improvement every day as her confidence grew. She was able to keep her head in the water a lot longer and on her last lesson of the second round I went in to see how she was getting on. She was able to swim short distance with her head in the water. I couldn’t believe it, she had come so far.

So we kept going and started her third round of swimming lessons, which we are doing at the moment. She is able to swim longer and is practicing her breathing. She is able to get the ring off the bottom of the pool after a few goes but is getting there. I can’t believe she has come so far in such a short time. It is amazing, I thought it would take a lot longer but it is all thanks to her instructor John. He has great patience with her and she wasn’t no one else to teach her only him.

I am really delighted at the progress she has made, she has a brilliant instructor.