Mid West Pain Relief Clinic

Sports Injury and Massage Clinic

The Killeline Sports Injury Clinic ethos is that ‘just’ treating the condition is not enough. You have to really understand sport to properly treat and manage a sports injury. If you do not know the pressures a specific sport puts on your body, then how can you properly treat an injury and provide accurate advice on return to action? The fully-qualified Killeline team know, understand and participate in sports themselves, so whether your passion is golf, running, rugby, football, tennis, hockey, basketball, martial arts or even dancing, they know about it, understand the biomechanics of it, and are confident that they can provide a lasting solution to your pain from injury. They have many years of experience in providing treatment to many athletes.

They say that prevention is better than cure, so it makes sense to have an expert look at your sports and exercise habits to ensure you’re not opening yourself up to a future injury. Regular massage treatment can ease muscles and reduce the risk of future injury, and orthotic treatments are useful in correcting gait irregularities that cause pain and injury. So, whether you have an injury or would like to reduce the possibility of future injury, a visit to the Mid-West pain Relief Clinic is worthwhile.

I have been a member of Killeline for the last three years since I suffered a serious knee injury playing GAA. I have found the facilities and the staff to be excellent throughout this time so much so that I continued to renew my membership following my recovery. All the programmes and advice from the staff has helped me recover to where I am back playing full time again.

The facilities there are of high quality with a great choice of cardio, machine weights and free weights that can be used by anyone from just normal gym goers to all types of athletes.

I have found the gym to be of great use during the winter months to maintain cardio fitness and to improve strength and conditioning throughout the GAA off season. The pool, sauna and steam room are also an excellent resource to recover after a hard session.

I would greatly advise anybody recovering from any type of injury to join as the facilities at Killeline will greatly assist you in your recovery, although you have to put in the hard work also.

I have attended [Clinic Therapist] with knee problems – I have found him to be very pleasant to approach and had an excellent understanding of the problem. I have greatly improved since attending sessions with him and would have no hesitation recommending him to other people.

My 12 year old daughter has suffered from sever migraine attacks since she was 7 years old. Since April 2013 her condition deteriorated, requiring hospitalisation. We have tried every avenue to help manage her condition and relieve her symptoms.

After treatment with [Killeline's Clinic Adviser] at Killeline Leisure, the frequency of her attacks became less and less, and her quality of life has hugely improved. We have been amazed by how much physiotherapy has helped a condition like migraine, and would urge any migraine sufferers to book an appointment.