Killeline Leisure Centre boasts a fully air conditioned gym with the most extensive range of equipment in West Limerick.

As part of their membership they offer:

•  Fitness and health assessments

•  Personalised training programme for your specific goals and needs

•  Regular reviews and update of fitness programme

•  Monthly body composition analysis report, clearly showing fitness progress

Never been to the gym before? Don’t worry!!  All our Instructors are fully qualified and will give you as much help and encouragement as you need to reach your goals. 
Killeline caters for all types of ages and abilities, and designs a vast range of programmes for example weight loss, weight gain, body toning, muscle conditioning, body building, sports specific, injury rehabilitation or just general fitness.

Personalised Approach
Anyone coming to Killeline Leisure Centre will first meet with a member of staff and will discuss what he or she would like to achieve at the centre. By learning this and assessing the person’s level of fitness, a personalised programme is created and every four weeks the instructor will review the programme and change it if necessary. This means that your training is specifically geared to you and your fitness level and ability, and for that reason you will see results quickly.

Killeline’s Gladiator Challenge has really helped me the past 6 weeks, I have been going to the gym for the past 6 years and never really pushed myself before to this extent, I have now gone from jogging 2 minutes and having to stop, to being able to run 20 minutes.

My endurance has risen significantly I am burning the same calories in 40 minutes than what would have taken me over an hour, The Gladiator Challenge has been the push I needed before Christmas to get fit and lose those extra pounds, I have lost 6 pounds over the last 6 weeks and still have two weeks to go, The training programme was easy to follow for all levels and really pushes you and the Facebook updates of the medals and trophies was certainly a motivator.