Gym Etiquette – Free Weights Area

Gym Etiquette – Free Weights Area


When it comes to Gym Etiquette there are a few rules that everyone should follow:

  1. Not sure how to do something? JUST ASK! If you’re not sure how a piece of equipment works or are unsure of how to do a lift. They will be more than happy to help
  2. Wipe sweat off benches after you use them. I’m sure you don’t want to lie in other people’s sweat, so extend them the same courtesy!!
  3. Don’t drop weights on the floor. This can cause injury to yourself or others and can also damage the equipment itself, which can be very expensive. Always set it down as gently as you can.
  4. Re-rack your weights and put any equipment back where it belongs! There’s nothing worse than finding a piece of empty equipment loaded up with a bunch of weight on it. You also don’t know who might use the rack after you, they might not be able to lift heavy plates if they are a beginner or working around an injury. It only takes a few extra minutes to tidy up after yourself, and the gym staff will appreciate it too!! If you don’t have time to re-rack your weight and put all the equipment back where it belongs, you don’t have time for that exercise!
  5. Only occupy ONE piece of equipment at a time whenever possible, and if you are doing a “superset,” bring your dumbbells or whatever else you need over to you. If the gym isn’t packed and you want to give your circuit or supersets a try, go for it. Just make sure that you let anybody “work in” who wants to (trading off using the equipment in between sets)
  6. Be courteous of other members – Don’t sit on your phone and hog equipment or interrupt others mid-set. Keep your own things tidy, preferably in the changing room. Don’t critique others unless they ask for help (you wouldn’t want others to tell you how to exercise).
  7. Don’t carry your gym bag or personal belongings with you on the gym floor. They present a hazard for moving people. Use the changing room lockers when possible
  8. Respect the closing time of the gym!! If you plan on having a shower after your workout please make sure to take that into account.

If we all follow these Rules – Everyone Benefits

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