CrossFit what is it all about???

CrossFit what is it all about???

Crossfit is one the newest and fastest growing types of training in the country at the moment. This is a combination of strength & conditioning training which involves a different variety of body weight exercises, core work, aerobic exercise and Olympic weight lifting. With the training the focus is normally on various function movements and the intensity is kept pretty high. With the CrossFit training the variation of the WOD (this means Workout of the Day) is very different to having a training programme. By rotating the WOD makes training that bit more challenging as the body cannot adapt too quickly to the training as it is constantly changing.


In most of the sessions there is strength based exercise before starting the WOD. With these strength based or Olympic based exercises is primary based on increasing your technique and then increasing either the amount of reps or increasing the weight. The key factor is technique – being able to perform a proper lift should have immense amount of self-gratification.


What type of equipment do I need for CrossFit???


The thing about CrossFit is it uses all types of equipment from, barbells, dumbbells, gymnastic rings, pull up bars, skipping ropes, TrX straps, kettle bells, medicine balls, plyo boxes and simple based cardio exercises. The higher the intensity the better and concentration on functional movements is a major key to the training. The thing about CrossFit is you can use every single piece of equipment or just your body and still make the WOD just as hard as each other.


What benefits will I see from CrossFit training???


CrossFit covers allot of fitness areas such as Cardiovascular, respiratory endurance, power, speed, co-ordination, agility, balance, strength, stamina, accuracy and flexibility. So instead of concentrating on the weighting scales or trying to increase your bench press by a 1kg, this offers something different by cover all the areas. Another great feature is that in recent statistics (gender wise) that actually do CrossFit the percentage is very close to 50/50, so this caters equally for both male and female athletes. So this in an overall workout guaranteed to put you through your paces and with a very wide variation of exercises on top of a constantly rotation WOD makes it CrossFit for a serious contender for the most complete workout.

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